“Their music creates a soothing ambience, with every person in the room captivated by their synchronicity”
- The List

Duo Ruut's (Duo Square) sound is based on the common ground that two young Estonian musicians and songwriters, Ann-Lisett Rebane and Katariina Kivi have explored since coming together in 2017.

Their sound ties together a single Estonian zither and two distinct voices. Inspired by the traditions of their Estonian heritage, they draw influence from both the beliefs of different cultures and their own contemporary and emotive songwriting.

As they are composing on one instrument Duo Ruut’s music is minimalist at its core but packed with new and imaginative ideas.

During a short period of time Duo Ruut has already toured in Europe, Uzbekistan and Japan (Celtic Connections, ESNS, Womex, Trans Musicales, Tallinn Music Week, Sharq Taronalari, Jazzkaar etc). During the last couple of years they have performed in more than 20 countries around the world - Germany, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Latvia, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Japan, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia etc. Their music has been supported by international media such as MOJO, KEXP, Le Monde, The Arts Desk, Louder than War, Full Moon, Songlines, National Public Broadcasting Italy (NO RAI), BBC3, Sine FM, Folk Radio UK, RTBF Belgia, RFI, Inter France, FIP radio, Estonian Public Broadcasting, NTS Radio etc.

In December 2019 Duo Ruut released their debut album "Tuule sõnad” which was awarded as the Debut Album of the Year by Estonian Ethno Music Awards 2020. The same album was nominated in different categories by Estonian Music Awards. In 2021 Duo Ruut released an EP called “Kulla kerguseks” (“Golden Light”) which received strong organic support internationally. The EP was nominated for the “Ethno/Folk Album of the Year” by Estonian Music Awards 2022.

Duo Ruut has collaborated with beloved artists, such as Curly Strings or NOËP. Remix of the song “Tuule sõnad” by NOËP was awarded as the Remix of the Year by Radio 2.

"Local twosome Duo Ruut, who double up on a single zither – it’s used as a drumkit as well as a stringed instrument – to create a band-sized sound with high-keening, folk-style harmony singing, to stirring effect."  - MOJO, Ian Harrison

“At first it seems very minimal, but then it becomes transfixing. They have ethereal voices and slowly draw you into the world. There was a real buzz among the delegates afterwards”  - Songlines, Simon Broughton                                                                    

"Kulla Kerguseks" is an unobtrusive recording, light, clean, fragile. But at the same time, it's charming and emotional. The concert by Duo Ruut from Estonia was one of the most magical things this year's Color Festival in Polička offered" - musicserver.cz

Listen the latest EP "Kulla kerguseks" ("Golden Light") here:

Listen debut album "Tuule sõnad" ("Words of the Wind") here:

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